How To Grow Your Business Really Fast with Business Mentorship Programme?

Hi, my name is Alex Liu. I started my first business when I was 18, but failed miserably over the next 4 years. I spent more than RM10,000 on seminars and books, worked more than 14 hours a day, but I was still losing money every month. None of those seminars and books worked until I met my business mentor. Since then, my business became very profitable. I generated more than RM1 million in sales through digital marketing and I grew a company 10 times in just 8 months.

Seminars and Workshops are OVERRATED!

business mentor malaysia seminar

Do you believe that a 2-day seminar will guarantee your success?

Seminars & workshops are definitely useful. I have benefitted from them and learn a lot of strategies and techniques from them. But to make these knowledge and information work for your business, you need to get your hands dirty. You need to use them and most importantly, you need an experienced entrepreneur to guide you along the way.

business mentor malaysia body buildingTake body building as example. If you want to build some muscles, you can’t achieve it just by signing up a gym membership. You need to go there weekly or daily. You need to get yourself on those equipment.

If you want fast results, you need a super-fit & experienced personal trainer to draft a body building plan, guide you closely.

However, most seminars & workshops are not conducted by super-fit and experienced trainers. They could amaze you with their long list of qualifications and degrees, but they probably never run a business in their life. You need a ‘personal trainer’ who has built a large and profitable business before. This person knows exactly what it takes to build a multimillion dollars business.

Secondly, there is no such thing as 1 strategy that fits every business. Most seminars offer that one golden formula that guarantees your success. However, what works for the speaker might not work for you. Running a shipping company is very different from running a small café. You need your mentor to draft a business growing plan for you. Different businesses requires different product and marketing strategies, accounting & finance system and business processes. You need an experienced mentor to tailor make your business growing plan that works best for your business.

Once your business growing plan is drafted, you need someone to guide you along the way because you are new to GROWING a business. Your experienced mentor will guide you while you are implementing the strategy. They been through those mistakes and their experiences are valuable. If you make mistakes, they will put you back on track. When you failed, they will lift your spirits up and show you the right path.

Just like a personal trainer programme, Growing Giants Business Mentorship Programme is designed to help entrepreneurs like you to achieve business growth REALLY fast!


This is a 1-on-1 business mentorship programme over a period of 6 months to 1 year. You are required to meet your business mentors, who is experienced in building a large and profitable business such as myself, for 2 hours weekly. Over the next few months, you will learn:

  • Profitable Niche. Not all market segments are equal, and not all customers are profitable. In this session, you will learn how to choose your very own target customers and get them to fall in love with your business.
  • Winning Product. Learn how to develop products and services that polarise people. The product will base on your passion, talents and probably a game changer in your industry.
  • Integrated Marketing. Marketing strategies that reaches your target customers and attracts them to you. Forget about expensive advertising and start thinking about word-of-mouth effect.
  • Profitable Accounting. Learn why most accounting practices commonly used by entrepreneurs will hurt your business in the long run, and learn how to generate more profits with proper accounting procedures.
  • Awesome Team. Building your team is more than just paying some qualified individuals and ask them to do what you want. It is about using inspiring visions, missions and goals to attract the right talents. You will learn about leadership, standard operation procedures (SOP) and much more.
  • Automated Systems. If your business can’t be automated, it will also stay small. In this module, we will continuously refine your business together to make it more profitable and simpler to run by your team with technologies and SOPs.

How much does it cost?

There is no huge initial investment or monthly fee.

We take a cut from your profits. Yes, that’s right. If we successful helped you to double your profits or turnaround your company, we will take a small percentage from that profit. Since all our business mentors are already successful in their own business, we are doing it out of passion. However, we would like to get paid as well. And we believe it is fair to get paid only when we help you to succeed in your business.

How to start?

Call our General Manager Trina at +6012-3876393 to arrange a free 1-hour mentoring session. During this session, our business mentor will show you Growing Giants’ Business Growing Strategy and how it could support you. If you are interested to work together, we will proceed from there.