Digital Marketing Business Coaching

Tired of wasting thousands in seminars and marketing services, and yet getting little to no sale?

With 15 years of digital marketing experience, Alex Liu has been guiding entrepreneurs to get more sales online from RM200k to 3mil.

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90-Day Digital Marketing Business Coaching Programme

#1 Profitable Customers

How to choose your niche and target the customers you enjoy working with.

#2: One-Page Plan

Simple marketing plan that describes your marketing strategy in 1 page.

#3: Value innovation

Understand how values work in marketing to get customers to fall in love.


#4: Marketing Channels

Facebook & Instagram are not always the best. Find the suitable channels for you.

#5: Traffic & Conversions

Traffic, conversion, reach, engagement, etc., and which ones matter to you?

#6: Brand & Position

Don't try to catch butterflies. Build a garden that attracts them.

#7: Message Crafting

Learn how to craft a compelling message that appeals only to your target market.

#8: Decoding Analytics

Learn how to increase your sales by understanding the numbers in analytics.

#9: Leverage

Refine your strategy into simple system and SOP to leverage on people's time.

Who is Alex Liu?

coach alex

Over the last 15 years, Alex Liu has been using digital marketing strategy for his own businesses and his clients.

RM200k to RM2 million extra sales was achieved by his client, through Alex's training and coaching. With his passion and major in e-business and marketing, he is customise marketing strategy that works for his client instantly.

He is only interested to offer coaching programme that works, especially entrepreneurs and business owners who want to help people with their products and services. He refuse to provide 2 days seminar anymore, or to be called a Guru.

If simple strategy that works and results is what you are looking for, Alex Liu is the guy!

If you are looking for shortcuts, fancy strategies and easy way out, he is not the person to learn from.


Alex has been a great trainer and helpful friend in guiding me to build my online business. Through his program, I have been able to build over 10 websites easily, generate visitors and income from them.

~Dr. LM Foong, Business Consultant

I must say, Alex is a great tutor. Patient, sharing and determined to see others succeed like himself. Today, I have 5 websites and I have to give the credit to my dear friend- Alex

~Cynthia Soh, Image Consultant

I was getting little to no sales from my advertisements for years, and we’ve been doing ok with repeat customers and referrals. With Alex’s strategy and ad campaigns, my sales team receive new inquiries almost everyday. We never go back to our old advertising methods ever again.

~Alex Tee, COO of YFT Cabinet

Have questions to ask Alex?

Here’s his no.: +60192811486