Tried many methods to expand your business but none of them really work? Spent lots of money and time but business doesn't seemed to grow?

You are not alone. I was in the exact same situation as you just years ago. I bought books from gurus and attended seminars after seminars to learn how to grow my business. If you haven't watch the video, please do so NOW!

In the video, I used Harry and his business as a case study. Harry is a real person but he prefer information about his business remain confidential. For 5 years, his business was profitable. But he couldn't expand his business further.

He tried recruiting new partners but he couldn't work with them. He tried hiring sales reps but not getting any new clients. He tried increasing his training programmes from 20 to 50, but his monthly trainings stuck at 2.

When I join him as a partner, I chopped off 49 programmes and left with one. The one programme that he loves to conduct and he is good at. 8 months later, the company expanded exponentially. His team is now conducting 20 trainings per month and participants in each trainings ranged from 10 to 300. His team grew from 2 people to 50 enthusiastic members including trainers, facilitators and sales reps.

So, how to expand business really fast in Malaysia?

What is the best Business Expansion Strategy?

The key is Focus. When you focus on one product, you and your team's entire focus will be on 'how to make this product awesome' and 'how to turn this product into the best product in my industry'. If your business sells more than 1 product, you have to find ways to narrow it down into 1 package. In Growing Giants mentoring programme, we will guide you how to simplify your product and make it awesome and extremely profitable.

Can you have 10 to 20 products that is GREAT? Yes, you can. But not now. You simply don't have the resources to do continuous improvement on all these products. When your business is at the growth stage, don't ever try to be a 'one-stop solution' unless your company's vision is to be the best one-stop solution.

When you have a kick-ass product, your customers will love you. They will say 'YES' easily and be your best salesman through word-of-mouth. Now, you can start building an awesome team to grow your business because your business is SIMPLE and PROFITABLE.

Most people including Harry find it challenging to grow their business because they jump straight to build their team. That is the last step. When the business is still too complicated and barely breaking even, building a team will only make things complicated. Employees you recruited will not be able to sell or do what you do.

Simple + Profitable = Fast Growth

Complicated = Only You Can Run The Business

If you have any questions about the strategy, please let drop a comment and I will do my best to answer them.