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Tired of paying thousands to marketing experts and seminars, yet getting little to no sales?

Call Alex Liu, 15 years of experiences in digital marketing & coaching. Online marketing is not expensive or complicated.

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90-Day Digital Marketing Coaching Programme

Profitable Customers
“The right customers” mentioned in the video that will grow your sales exponentially. They are profitable, appreciate your value and you enjoy serving them.
Marketing Blueprint
The 1-Page Sales Attraction Blueprint that simplifies every important aspects of your business’ marketing strategy. Simple and works better than a 10-100 pages marketing plan.
Value Innovation
Increase closing rates, referrals and repeat sales with getting your customers to fall in love with your product and the value you offer. A total opposite of manipulating customers to spend more with psychological techniques.
Marketing Channels
Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or other websites, where do you customers normally go? Learn the differences between various channels and focus on the ones where you customers go.
Focus & Master
Heard of ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’? This module shows you how to get results really quickly by focusing on one.
Your Brand & Position
Attract the right customers and keep you in their mind with the right position and branding. Hint: it is not about using cool and smart words.
AIDA the Messenger
Craft message that will only attract your ideal customers. What kind of message that will grab their attention? How to get them to take action?
Test, Hack & Grow
Grow sales and customers quickly with testing. Everything in the digital space can be tracked and improved, unlike traditional business and advertisements. It is a technical task and there is an easier way.
Scaling & Leveraging
Expand your marketing activities by leveraging on your team or outsourcing to companies. Learn how to do it with SOP and systems.

Who is Alex Liu?

coach alex

For more than 15 years, Alex Liu has been an online marketing strategist. He has been offering group coaching, consultation and training programmes to corporates, multinational companies and entrepreneurs. He started his first business at 18, but lost all his savings in his businesses.

After 4 years of struggling in various online business models, his willingness to learn and act massively was paid off. Fast forward to today, he own 3 profitable business and has coached his clients to generate an extra RM300k to RM2 million sales.

PS. He haven’t write his book yet, and he might be lazy or lack confidence in his writing skill.

He is sincere, and most importantly determined to see his clients succeed in their business. 100% of his participants who attended his programmes achieved significant growth in their business. His business philosophy is “the amount of money you make, depends on the value you offer”.


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Here’s his number: +6019 2811 486


Alex has been a great trainer and helpful friend in guiding me to build my online business. Through his program, I have been able to build over 10 websites easily, generate visitors and income from them.

~Dr. LM Foong, Business Consultant

I must say, Alex is a great tutor. Patient, sharing and determined to see others succeed like himself. Today, I have 5 websites and I have to give the credit to my dear friend- Alex

~Cynthia Soh, Image Consultant

I was getting little to no sales from my advertisements for years, and we’ve been doing ok with repeat customers and referrals. With Alex’s strategy and ad campaigns, my sales team receive new inquiries almost everyday. We never go back to our old advertising methods ever again.

~Alex Tee, COO of YFT Cabinet


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Have questions to ask Alex?

Here’s his number: +6019 2811 486